At the annual summit of Society of News Design(2017), I gave a speech on how to keep a spirit of experimentation in the newsroom. 



"Let poetry drive you, not hardware."

— Red Burns, Founder of ITP, NYU



My name is Eli Zhang. I studied interactive media art in the Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. 

I’ve been working with Pulitzer prize winning team at the Tampa Bay Times in Florida since graduation. 

It’s hard to give myself a job title. But here is what I did/capable of doing: 

  • I designed and developed award-winning news stories. I received awards from Society of News Design(SND), Malofiej International Infographics Award, and Florida Society of News Editors. 
  • I helped redesigned and developed Tampabay Times' new website. 
  • I set up Google Analytics for Tampabay Times’ new website which now tracks all sorts of user behaviors. 
  • I design and develop dashboard on Klipfolio and Google Analytics and deliver regular analytics report to editors.  
  • I am a UX designer/researcher. I talk to real users and I also obtain insights from complex analytics data. 
  • I always have creative ideas for storytelling. Both NYU and Google’s Future of Storytelling Project funded me for my projects.
  • I was invited to give talks both in the US (Society of News Design 2017) and in China (Beijing Foreign Studies University) on creative storytelling.  


  • I have collaborated with a wide range of people -- professional dancers, independent artists, start-ups, as well as other designers and developers. 


These all happened in the past two years. And I enjoyed them all. 



Cell: +1 (862)-520-8868