Description: This is a performance and participatory art piece that Eli did as a final project for his Recurring Concepts in Art class.

The piece tries to inquire the relationship between individuals and our perception of each other by inviting the audience take the time to listen, to see, instead of look, and to destroy what they saw.

The artist was surrounded by two large canvases where lotus flowers were painted. The artist threw out a pair of scissors at the beginning of the performance. And once anyone picked it up and started to cut the canvas, the artist started playing the piece called Oblivion. The audience first saw a canvas with flower buds. After the first canvas was torn apart, the second canvas appeared in their sight which was drawn with lotus flowers in full blossom. And when the audience started to destroy the second canvas, they started to see the nude body of the artist, with his back facing them. The nudity was a candid gesture to invite the audience to see, and to think about the human body as a non-object, and an individual vulnerable yet unafraid. 

After the canvases were torn down and the artist finished playing, he then turned around and plucked two strings from his bow and handed to two of the audience. He then dressed up in suit, and walked away with his violin. 



The performance received great success. Here are some of the feedback from Eli's classmates who were present: