My experience of fabricating cloud for another project came handy this time. We immediately decided to use wire mesh to fabricate the structure of our cloud. We debated the size -- should the cloud stretch over a comparatively large part of the ceiling, or should it be a stand-alone object as a performing role. We actually liked the first idea. But as we are presenting our piece with other students' projects, we found that the first idea was not feasible -- it may block certain DMX lights that other groups might use. We had to go with our second idea.
 We made several pieces of cloud, each with some variation in shape. This one in the picture was eventually abandoned. The reason was its shape was too literal, and a bit cartoonish. What we wanted is something more abstract. 
 Mounting the cloud onto the ceiling wasn't very hard. What's challenging is how to allow enough space behind it for multiple electronic devices -- power, micro-controller and Bluefruit EZ Link. We bent the wire mesh in a way to hide those components while leaving space between the polyester and the devices in order to ensure safety. 
 This is how it looked after installation. We tried with white and blue LED strips. We liked the blue color for it somehow gave a thunderous and mysterious feeling.  
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