This is a pretty overwhelming system map we drew for understanding the work we set out to do and the data we were about to collect. Some initial relationships between projects and key words such as economy, pollution, biodiversity, and quality of life, began to emerge. 
 We took a walk at the Newtown Creek Nature Walk, trying to understand how waterfront is acting as buffer between human activities and nature. This is photo of the stone stairs leading to the water. In the man-made cleft lived the clams whose living activities would help clean the water.  
 This is the site where we interviewed Willis Elkins from the North Brooklyn Boat Club. He helped us understand which parties played what role in preserving the waterfront and the stakes that each of them held. 
 We paid a visit to the Socrates Sculpture Park, a site transformed from an abandoned riverside landfill. It helped us understand what efforts could be made even after the environment of a place is totally wrecked and how human could deal with the idea of the possible "collapse" of the ecology some day in the future.   
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